Novel ways to stress the human system.

The struggles of patients against adverse conditions parallels those of athletes in extreme environments.

Extremes of heat, cold, and altitude.

EEPCore is a flagship research and instructional facility within the Department of Human Physiology at the University of Oregon

“Bringing the mountain into the lab”

Going to extremes to advance human health and performance.

If you have questions about the EEPCore, contact either of the co-directors:

EEPCore Co-Director, John Halliwill, PhD.
EEPCore Co-Director, Christopher T. Minson, PhD.

Are you a Human Physiology major and want to join this lab?

You can apply online to be an Undergraduate Research Assistant for any of the HPHY labs, including the Exercise & Environmental Physiology Lab, during HPHY’s mid-winter application cycle (HPHY URA Application) or you can email the Lab Director, John Halliwill, PhD.

Are you applying for the Research-Intensive MS/PhD program and want to join this lab?

Graduate students who work in this core are part of a collaborative research team, co-lead by Dr. John Halliwill and Dr. Christopher Minson, conducting research in the Exercise & Environmental Physiology Lab, Human Cardiovascular Control Lab, and Evonuk Environmental Physiology Core. Depending on your interests, you can email  John Halliwill, PhD, or Christopher Minson, PhD, for more information.

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